Gareth’s background

I’ve grown since then

I live in Dartford, Kent (near London) in England. I became a Christian during my first year as a student at a teachers’ training college near Norwich in 1968. I then taught for 22 years in the primary school where I had been a pupil in the same road where I had lived since I was three years old. In July 1997, I married Malou (née Domingo) from the Philippines. We had met while serving on Operation Mobilisation’s former ship, MV Doulos.
We are full-time members of Operation Mobilisation (OM), an international and interdenominational mission organisation of over 6000 people working in over 100 countries throughout the world.
We serve as part of the International Co-ordinating Team (ICT) and we are based at Forest Hill, SE London with the founder of the movement, George Verwer. I have worked extensively with OM in many countries throughout the world as a Bible teacher and preacher giving devotional input into teams and speaking in churches and at conventions where a speaker was required.
My link with OM dates back to around 1980, before which time I spent a short period with WEC International in three West African nations. I have ministered in more than 120 countries world-wide including about 50 visits to the Indian subcontinent.
My ministry is extremely varied and I am equally at home with children, college students and regular church congregations – giving expository Bible teaching (my number 1 passion), mission exhortation and evangelistic messages. I have visited all of OM’s ships where I have been one of the main speakers in both conferences on board and churches on shore. I also speak regularly for Oak Hall Expeditions,, a Christian travel firm working out of the UK.

A special gift in Ukraine, a traditional bread given to Gareth after preaching

Over the years, there have been various invitations to minister in Bible schools and Colleges. Since its foundation in 1996, I have visited and lectured annually at HUB, a Bible school near Belgrade, Serbia. Other former regular commitments have included teaching at a joint OM/Wycliffe missions course in Malaysia, together with several visits to a training centre in Algeria and a Bible school in Thailand.
In 1996, I launched the UK based charity AMEN which is dedicated to supporting various Christian ministries in developing nations. AMEN currently has partners in India, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Romania, and Serbia.
Malou and I are members of Dartford Community Church (DCC), a local church in our home town.
Malou and I send out a monthly update to about 2000 people, mostly by email. You can request this by emailing and writing ‘subscribe update‘ in the subject line.
For hobbies I would list occasional jogging, listening to all types of music, travelling, reading and writing as particular interests. Malou enjoys gardening, needle craft, giving hospitality, painting, personal evangelism and doing creative ministry, especially mime. We have both found that, without exception, the Lord (through His people) has always supplied all our financial needs.