2018 July update

An AMEN purchased three wheeler scooter for Mary, an effective disabled children’s worker in India

To the church, Jesus says, ‘You are the salt of the earth….You are the light of the world’. The perceived current disconnect between Christian faith and modern British culture conveniently ignores the pivotal part believers have played in the past. The list is extensive and includes everything from the introduction of hospitals, the modern hospice movement, the abolition of slavery, prison reform, the education system, care for orphans and the study of ‘Science’. Few realise that the social and spiritual importance of holidays for workers was introduced by a Baptist missionary born in Derbyshire in 1808 called Thomas Cook; even the origin of today’s Premier League football was birthed, in part, by the church. All of these are the result of believers, driven by their Christian faith, wanting to make a difference in society by being ‘salt and light’. I wonder what difference God will call you and I to make in the second half of 2018?

Gareth & Malou Bolton



Sun July 1 Westley Community Church, Bury St Edmunds
Sun July 8 AM: Heartbeat International Christian Centre, London PM:
PM: STEPS, Sherborne, Dorset (then with Mum Bolton)
Sun July 15 High Street Chapel, High Street, Hopton, Diss,
Sun July 22 Wall Heath Evangelical Church, Birmingham
July 23 OM ICT devotions, Carlisle
July 23-27 Keswick Convention, Cumbria (attending)
Sun July 29 Charlton Road Christian Church, Birmingham

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2018 June update

Sabtang is an island in the far north of the Philippines that has no church. We want to send a church planter there

Greetings to the 2000+ who now receive this monthly update as well as the few hundred who get a snail mail version. In two hours, I (Gareth) leave for Harare and in a few days’ time, I will be 68 years old. Your encouragement and support, in some cases for about 45 years, is a real blessing.

May the Lord bless each of you,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)  www.amentrust.co.uk



June 1-10 Ministry in churches and OM’s ‘GO Challenge’ (Gareth only) in Harare, ZIMBABWE
June 2-9 Open Air Mission outreach in London (Malou only)
June 15-16 FFM Conference, High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts.
Sun June 17 Dartford Community Church, Kent (Father’s Day message at home church)
June 22-24 International Evangelical Church (IEC) annual summer retreat near Helsinki, FINLAND
June 25-28 Travel and visit friends in Finland

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2018 May update

Our niece leading the singing of a religious Spanish song at the start of the annual Fiesta in her town on Batanes Island, the Philippines

Greetings from Batanes, the Philippine island where we are combining family time with ministry time. A few days ago, I shared my testimony with an attentive group of local 15 year old Ivatan teenagers who admitted they had never heard the gospel before. On Sunday, we share at two different evangelical churches on the island.
Some of the AMEN projects, blessed by God, have experienced incredible growth. For example, see what has happened with ‘Tender Heart’ from India, founded 10 years ago by Francis & Alison who met on OM’s ship MV Logos 2.

With our very best wishes to each of you, Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)

May 1-7 Batanes Island, PHILIPPINES
May 10-11 Abu Dhabi churches, UAE
May 14 CRIBS devotions, Bexley (www.cribsonline.org)
May 14-16 SELF Team Retreat, Otford Manor
May 18-20 Oak Hall Summer Team Weekend
Sun May 20 Christ Church, Haywards Heath, Mission Sunday (www.cchh.org.uk)
Cannon Court EC, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey (www.cce-church.net)
May 20-24 Dorset with Mum Bolton
May 26 AMEN Trustees Meeting, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire
Sun May 27 Cranleigh Community Church, Southbourne, Dorset (www.cranleighcommunitychurch.co.uk)

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2018 April update

AMEN’s first partner, VFC, continues to produce films that communicate the gospel to unreached people groups

During the first quarter of 2018, we had 100 meetings and slept in 20 beds in India, USA, South Africa, Serbia and the UK. Next month will include ministry visits to 4 countries in SE Asia (see below). The AMEN Trustees (www.amentrust.co.uk) recently took the bold step of accepting a number of new partners even though there is no real increase in the numbers of supporters – a good moment to be reminded that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God’. Hebrews 11:6
To hear an Easter message (Mark 15:33-47) given on March 25, 2018. Click to listen.
We wish all our friends and supporters a very happy & blessed Easter.

Gareth & Malou Bolton

(with OM International)


Sun Apr 1 Scorrier CF, Redruth, Cornwall,
Sun Apr 8 Elmstead Lane Baptist Church, London
Apr 11 Fly to Penang, Malaysia
Apr 13-15 Air Itam Gospel Hall, Penang
Apr 16-19 Phnom Penh, OM Cambodia
Apr 19-23 Bandung, OM Indonesia
Apr 24-29 Ministry and family visits, Philippines
Sun Apr 29 Castillejos Christian Church, Zambales
Apr 30 – May 7 Batanes Island, Philippines

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2018 February update

With the pastor of the Meitei church, one of the main tribes found in N E India

A couple of days ago we returned from India where we visited and spoke in 4 different locations – Bangalore, Chennai, Virudhunagar and Shillong. We thank God for blessing, safety and energy. At one point, we had 19 speaking opportunities in a week. In a few hours, we fly to the USA with Francis Kumar, one of AMEN’s partners who founded ‘Tender Heart’ based in Goa. He will share in most of the meetings we take. To all our supporters and friends, some of whom have read these updates for 40 years, we wish you God’s blessing and peace.

Gareth and Malou Bolton




Feb 1  Fly to Tampa, Florida, USA

Feb 2-4  Lake Moreton missions weekend, Florida

Feb 5-6  Island Community Church (ICC), Memphis

Feb 7-8  Drive Tampa to Grand Rapids

Sun Feb 11  True Life Bible Church, Grand Rapids

Logos Church, Chicago

Feb 13-14  Nashville (TBC)

Feb 15  OM USA Global Prayer, Atlanta

Feb 15-17  Atlanta meetings (TBC)

Sun Feb 18  Cornerstone Church, Atlanta

Feb 20  Arrive in London from Atlanta

Feb 23-28  OM’s ILM in Johannesburg, South Africa (Gareth only)



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2018 March update

Wild deer vainly foraging in the snow at the bottom of the garden of our hosts’ house near Grand Rapids

For the first three weeks of February, Malou, myself and Francis Kumar (an AMEN Indian partner and founder of ‘Tender Heart’) drove over 3000 miles (5000+ km) through 11 states of the USA speaking in churches and at missions services as well as meeting with many people. From the warm sun of Florida to the deep snow of Michigan, we enjoyed the beauty of creation as well as great fellowship and ministry opportunities. Half of next month we will be in Serbia again.

Thanks for all your emails, prayers and support.

Gareth and Malou Bolton



Mar 3 Fly to Belgrade, SERBIA
Sun Mar 4 International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade (Luke 4:1-44)
Mar 5-17 Teaching at HUB, Belgrade Bible School – Missions Module for 2nd year Bible School students
Obadiah for 1st year Bible School students.
Sun Mar 11 Local church ministry in Serbia
Mar 17 Fly to London
Sun Mar 18 All Nations Church, Manor Park, London
Sun Mar 25 Oak Hall Church, Caterham (am & pm)
Mar 25 Dorset with Mum Bolton


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2018 January update

Around 48 years ago, Ken Weaver asked me, a new believer, if I would speak in his church. I said, ‘I don’t think so’. Then later, he asked me again……

Earlier today, here in the UK, firework displays announced the arrival of 2018 while 2017 was consigned to history. Despite the many challenges the world currently faces, the opportunities for Christians have never been greater. Modern travel has had a huge impact; most places on the planet can now be reached within 24 hours while many communities are increasingly international and multicultural. At the start of this new year, let’s resolve to ‘seek first his kingdom and his righteousness’. We wish all our supporters and friends a peaceful and blessed New Year.

Gareth and Malou Bolton (www.amentrust.co.uk)

Jan 5 Fly Heathrow to Bangalore
Jan 6-9 Ministry in Bangalore
Jan 10-12 Ministry in Chennai, (Joseph Paul & El Shaddai orphanage)
Jan 12-16 Ministry in Virudunagar, (AMEN VMM Youth Camp + Workers’ Refreshing Camp)
Jan 19-20 Fly Madurai to Shillong
Jan 20-28 Ministry in Meghalaya, (Awon Shanglai)
Jan 28-29 Fly Shillong to Heathrow

2,700 AMEN shoeboxes were taken by a team of 16 to the Roma and others in Romania. A 40 foot container also brought some important supplies.

Malou celebrating her mother’s 82nd birthday on the island of Batanes, Philippines


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2017 December update

Most Filipinos want to visit Batanes, Philippines, at least once in their life time.

 ‘For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.’ Titus 2:11
Jesus is grace personified! The infant born in the shed two millennia ago has blessed us all beyond comprehension. His love is like no other love in its extent, its sacrifice, its permanence and its effects. He did not come primarily as a healer, nor a teacher, nor a prophet but as a suffering Saviour. It is because of him that I write these words; it is because of him that you are reading them now. It’s only because of him that we can be brothers and sisters in the same family.

United by this one great reality, we wish you all a Happy Christmas, full of joy and peace.

Gareth and Malou Bolton



Thu Dec 7 Fly to London from Manila, PHILIPPINES
Sun Dec 10 10.30am: New Farm Chapel, Alresford, Surrey
Sun Dec 24 10.30am: Cliffe Mission Carol Service then to Dorset
Sun Dec 31 10.30am: STEPS, Sherborne, Somerset

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2017 November update

At Wentworth Primary School in Dartford, Betty taught Gareth when he was aged 6 and Gareth taught Clyde when he was aged 9

After 50 lectures and meetings over 8 days with Belgrade Bible School in Serbia teaching Ezekiel and 1 & 2 Kings, we are looking forward to a slower schedule as we head to the south of the country to speak in two Roma churches. En route back to London next week, we will visit the International Museum of the Reformation in Geneva. The remainder of the month will be spent in the Philippines where, with other Filipinos, we will focus mainly on pastors’ and leaders’ team building and training on Batanes, Malou’s birth island, in the north of the country. Again, thanks for your partnership, interest, prayers and support,

Gareth and Malou Bolton


Nov 2-4 Ministering in the south of SERBIA 
Sun Nov 5 International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade
Nov 6 Fly Belgrade to Geneva, SWITZERLAND
Nov 9 Fly London to Manila, PHILIPPINES
Sun Nov 12 Brethren Baptist Church, Manila
Nov 12-19 Malou’s family & AMEN partners
Sun Nov 19 San Juan Gospel Chapel, Manila
Nov 20-Dec 4 Ministry and break on Batanes Island

“Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.” GEORGE MULLER

The current students with some of the staff at Belgrade Bible School (HUB), SERBIA

The view from the gates of Belgrade Bible School (HUB) in Serbia

Our good friend Prof. & Dr Reginald Prithiviraj of Tirunelveli, India, sadly died of pancreatic cancer on October 8. It was as a result of a conversation Gareth had with Reggie in 1995 that led to the establishment of AMEN (www.amentrust.co.uk). Through the media ministry ‘Verity Films & Communications’ (www.verityfilms.com) he set up with his wife Caroline, countless lives continue to be touched

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2017 October 2017

Alvin, a full time worker with VMM, certainly holds the attention of these children

Sometimes, a verse catches your eye for the first time, even though you must have read it many times before. Yesterday I read, “But the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin” Galatians 3:22. How good it is that the gospel is the remedy for those who acknowledge their captivity to sin and commit themselves to Christ. It is in that confidence alone that we go forward. In a few hours, Gareth will leave for a week in Santorini, Greece, while Malou will finish designing the next AMEN newsletter (www.amentrust.co.uk) and continue updating our website (www.garethandmalou.org).

We would value prayer for wisdom as we put together our schedule for 2018, not Gareth’s favourite job!
Thanks everyone and may God bless you all,

Gareth and Malou Bolton


Oct 1-7                Oak Hall in Santorini, GREECE
Sun Oct 8           Dartford Community Church (home church)
Sun Oct 15         Brewham Chapel, Somerset
Oct 15-19           Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Oct 22         Crayford Baptist Church (am and pm)
Oct 23 – Nov 6    Belgrade Bible School, SERBIA (teaching 1 & 2 Kings and Ezekiel)



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