How we met

Coming from opposite sides of the world, being of different ages and  speaking different languages did not prevent two very different individuals from falling in love and getting married. Conducting the relationship in the context of missionary service was another (not always welcome) dimension.

It was initially on the OM ship the MV Doulos in India that we first became aware of each other although the whole nature of our particular roles meant that we were frequently separated.

While Gareth was a visiting speaker on the ship for certain limited periods, Malou was involved in line-up i.e. she would travel ahead of the ship with a small team to prepare the future ports for a ship visit.

How the relationship began, progressed and ended at the altar is little sort of incredible. On July 12th 1997, we were married in front of 300 people, 250 of whom came to the reception. It was, without doubt, the greatest day of our lives, our one regret being that it passed so quickly.

As we look to the future, we are encouraged by the past. God has clearly led us step by step and we know His commitment to us is unchanging and that His choice is also always the best.

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