2017 June update

Despite speaking at five meetings on the Sunday in Aberdeen, we managed to find time in the afternoon to visit Dunnottar castle

We will spend most of the month of June in three southern African countries. There will be a great variety of speaking opportunities with OM (a selection of which is listed below) plus much travelling. As usual, our main prayer request is that we might maintain our walk with God since that will affect everything else we do.

Thanks again for your encouragement and support.

Gareth and Malou Bolton


June 2            Arr. East London, SOUTH AFRICA
Sun June 4    1st City Bapt. Church, East London
June 5-7         Meetings around East London; fly to NAMIBIA
June 8-11       Team retreat, Walvis Bay, Namibia
Sun June 11  Living Water Family Assembly
June 11-13     Missions Conference (3 nights)
June 14          Pastors’ Breakfast (Gareth); Women’s Tea (Malou); Youth Service
June 15          Pastors’ Breakfast
June 16           Fly to Harare, ZIMBABWE
June 17-21     Meetings around Harare
June 22-24     ‘GO’ Conference, Harare,
Sun June 25  Fly to London from Harare
Jun 27-Jul 4   Oak Hall in SLOVENIA

“…the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him…” Deuteronomy 4:7

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2017 May update

Young local spectators at a cricket tournament in Lahore, Pakistan

Greetings on May Day, the start of the second third of 2017. We recently returned from a month’s ministry in S Asia. Although the media usually portrays Pakistan negatively, we were surprised to find much freedom. Twice Gareth preached outside via a loud speaker – once at a cricket tournament and once in a ‘Christian’ street. It was also challenging to meet believers who are committed to taking the gospel to others, whatever the cost. One told me that once you start talking with people, you find many of them are really searching. Thanks for praying for opportunities, for boldness and for safety.

Gareth and Malou Bolton  (www.amentrust.co.uk)


May 2-6             Oak Hall at the Keukenhof, Netherlands
Sun May 7        Crayford Baptist Church (am & pm)
May 9-13          Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun May 14       Wall Heath EFC, near Birmingham (am & pm)
May 20-21          Oak Hall Summer Team Weekend
May 22              Teach ‘Nehemiah’ at Oak Hall Bible School, Kent
May 26-28         Deeside CF missions weekend, Aberdeen, Scotland

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2017 April update

Traditional Greek dish – Moussaka

‘Since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you’ (Colossians 1:9). It is verses like this that encourage us in the midst of a challenging and opportunity filled environment here in the teaming, sweltering city of Karachi, Pakistan’s most populated city. Although Christians are very much a minority community, we have already met those who are actively reaching out to the majority community, sometimes in the face of opposition and at personal risk. Thank you for remembering us and encouraging us.

Gareth and Malou Bolton (www.amentrust.co.uk)


Apr 1-5              Ministry with Nasir, OM Karachi, PAKISTAN
Apr 6-12            Ministry with Sharjeel, AOG Karachi
April 13             Fly Karachi to Lahore,
Apr 13-19          Ministry with Victor Lal, OM Leader, Lahore
Apr 19-21          Ministry visit with Edwin, AMEN partner in Jhelum
Apr 22               Fly from Islamabad via Dubai to Trivandrum, INDIA
Apr 22-23         Ministry visit with VFC, AMEN partner in Tamilnadu
Apr 24-25          Village Ministers’ Conference, Virudhanagar
Apr 26               Village Workers’ Orientation, Virudhanagar
Apr 28               Fly to UK from Trivandrum via Dubai


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2017 March update

Street food prepared Laotian style

We have just returned from a visit to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and from Vientiane, the capital of Laos. In Bangkok, it was a privilege to speak in a missions’ conference entitled ‘We are the History Makers’, held at Immanuel Baptist church. A small number responded at the final appeal. Laos, a somewhat closed ‘communist’ country, has a small Christian presence. It was a privilege to share with a few of the young Christians. Thank you for your interest and support.

God bless you all,
Gareth and Malou Bolton (www.amentrust.co.uk)

Sun Mar 5          Hope Church, Swanley, Kent
Mar 11               Fly to Athens, GREECE
Sun Mar 12      WIN Filipino Church, Athens
Mar 13-19         Ministering to workers and refugees
Sun Mar 19      New Life Free Evangelical Church, Palini
Mar 20               Fly to UK from Athens
Mar 21              Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Mar 26      Wilmington CF, Kent
Mar 29              Fly to Karachi, PAKISTAN

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2017 February update

Our application for visas for Pakistan took far longer than we had expected. Although the submission was made last year on December 21, Gareth’s visa arrived on February 3. As a consequence, the invitation to minister in Pakistan in January had to be postponed. At such times, it is good to be reminded that, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD’ Isaiah 55:8.

Thank you for your interest & support.

God bless you all,

Gareth and Malou



Feb 4-8              Belgrade Bible School (James & Obadiah)
Feb 10-12          Church Weekend in south SERBIA
Feb 13               Fly Belgrade to UK
Feb 16               Fly UK to Bangkok, THAILAND
Feb 17-21          ILM in Bangkok
Feb 18               Immanuel Baptist Church, Bangkok
Feb 22-Mar 1     Ministry in LAOS

After many months, the completed AMEN funded Hope Centre in Goa was dedicated on Sunday Jan 29th http://www.tenderheartindia.org


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2017 January update

wp_20170101_13_33_07_proSo first we look back and see God’s faithful protection, especially during an attempted mugging in Africa, the theft of our laptop while we were asleep in Asia and some unusual health episodes that seemed to disappear as quickly as they appeared!
Then we look forward and see new opportunities, new open doors and a world waiting to hear the Good News and with your support, the very small part we play in helping to make that possible.

We wish you all a blessed and fruitful New Year,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton (www.amentrust.co.uk)

‘We may trust him fully, all for us to do; they who trust him wholly, find him wholly true’. Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879)


Sun Jan 1         10.30am: Cliffe Christian Mission, Cliffe, near Gravesend
6.30pm: Crayford Baptist Church, Crayford (www.crayfordbaptistchurch.co.uk)

Jan 7                 AMEN Trustees Meeting: Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire
Sun Jan 8         10.30am: Holme Christian Fellowship (www.holmechristianfellowship.org)
6.30pm: St Peter’s, Shipley, Yorkshire (www.stpetes.org.uk)

Jan 9                 Fly to Karachi, PAKISTAN
Jan 10-14          OM Karachi Ministry
Sun Jan 15       Preach in AOG church, Karachi
Jan 16-20          Ministry with AOG
Jan 21-31          OM Lahore Ministry
Feb 1                  Fly to London

2016 STATISTICS: Beds 55; Meetings 280+; Flights 65; Countries 16: Austria, Brunei, England, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Macedonia, Madagascar (126th country), Malaysia, Philippines (x2), Serbia (x3), South Africa, Sri Lanka, USA, Wales, Zimbabwe (127th country) See attachment above for end of year review.

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2016 December update


In a fast boat travelling at speed along a narrow river with crocs and monkeys on the banks outside

It’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short time if you have energy and support. In 6 days on Malou’s typhoon hit island, we managed to distribute (see above) 10 x 25kg sacks of rice to pastors, 450 seedlings to church members (in partnership with a local elementary school) and flew out Joe, an evangelist from Manila, all of which was funded by AMEN (www.amentrust.co.uk). Joe shared the gospel in many high school classes as well as among the relatives of believers, resulting in some first time commitments. We initiated an interdenominational monthly ministers’ fraternal, preached in the largest church on the island and spoke at evangelism and campus ministry training conferences. Finally, we conducted a 5.30am prayer meeting for the pastors for the persecuted church worldwide.

May we wish you, our readers, friends and supporters a Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


Dec 3-10             HUB (Belgrade Bible School) teaching 2 Kings & Ezekiel
Sun Dec 4      Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, SERBIA (‘How to react to Injustice’)
Sun Dec 11       AM: St John’s, Deptford (James 5:7-10); PM: Malou arrives from the Philippines
Dec 16-19       Holiday Break
Sun Dec 25     New Farm Chapel, Arlesford, Hampshire


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2016 November update


The spectacular Grand Canyon in Arizona

We recently returned from a busy visit to Serbia having 35 lectures and other meetings over one week. For the next three weeks we have meetings in Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines. While Gareth then returns to the UK to continue planning next year’s schedule, Malou will remain on Batanes, her island, to both help with the clear-up after a recent powerful typhoon as well as take part in some evangelism. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

God bless you all,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

(www.amentrust.co.uk – recently updated)


Nov 3-5              Fly to Brunei (via KL)
Sun Nov 6         AM: St Andrews, BRUNEI
PM: Agape Fellowship
Nov 7-10            Lawas Island ministry, MALAYSIA
Nov 11               Air Itam Gospel Church (AIGC), Penang
Nov 12               Youth group, Sister’s group
Sun Nov 13       AM: Worship Meeting (AIGC)
AM: Bible Class (AIGC)
PM: Gate Way City Church
Nov 14-16          Fly Penang to Batanes via Manila, PHILIPPINES
Nov 16-22          Relief & speaking ministry in Batanes
Sun Nov 20       Preaching in Basco, Batanes
Nov 22               Fly Basco to Manila (Gareth only)
Nov 24               Fly Manila to London, UK (Gareth only)

Nov 25-27          Oak Hall winter team weekend


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2016 October update


View from Lake Morton Community Church, Florida

Greetings from Los Angeles, California, as we enter the final quarter of 2016. We are currently spending two days with Malou’s brother and family and meeting two nieces and a nephew for the first time. Do visit or call if we pass by your area in the future.

May God bless each of you in these days,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

Do visit the AMEN charity website at www.amentrust.co.uk


Sun Oct 2       New Hope Christian Ministries, Placentia, California
Oct 5               Methodist Church (missions), Cottonwood, Arizona
Oct 8               Fly Phoenix, USA to the UK
Sun Oct 9       Heart Beat Int’l CF, Camberwell, London.
Oct 11-15        Dorset (with Mum Bolton)
Sun Oct 16     Lighthouse Church, Spalding, Lincs.
Oct 21             Fly to SERBIA
Sun Oct 23     International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade
Oct 24-29        Belgrade Bible School – teaching 1+2 Kings & Ezekiel
Sun Oct 30     Good News Church, Nis, Serbia (evangelistic)
Oct 31             Fly to the UK

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2016 September update


Preaching the gospel on Mars Hill outside Athens (Acts 17:16-34)

We thank God for the many open doors around the world including, this month, the USA. Please remember AMEN at this time, after the loss of one of our major donors following the collapse of BHS, a British retail company. If you would rather not receive these updates, just send an email with ‘unsubscribe update’ in the subject line.

God bless you all,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


‘A Christian who is far more enthusiastic about miracles than about prayer, far more excited about dramatic guidance than about reading the Bible is a believer who is running a temperature – it may make him feel warm but it is not an indication of spiritual health.’ DONALD BRIDGE

Sun Sept 4         STEPS Community Church, Sherborne, Dorset
Sun Sept 11        Cranham Baptist Church, Upminster, Essex
Sept 16               Fly to Miami, USA
Sun Sept 18       Lake Morton Community Church, Tampa, Florida
Sept 21-23          Nightly meetings in various Miami churches
Sept 24               Fly Miami to Greenville, South Carolina
Sun Sept 25       Clemson Presbyterian (3 meetings)
Sept 27               Navigators, Clemson University
Sept 28               Ladies and youth meeting
Sept 29               International Students Ministry
Sept 30               Fly to Los Angeles

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