This gigantic mural greeted the ship’s company when they disembarked in Guayaquil, Ecuador

GREETINGS FROM CABIN #744 onboard MV Logos Hope where we are into the second day of a one week voyage from Guayaquil in Ecuador to Antofagasta in Chile. En route, we are sailing past the entire length of Peru’s coastline. As well as being onboard chaplains, we will be involved with a preachers’ workshop and a brief four session track summarising a history of Christian mission plus other onboard and onshore meetings. We would like to wish you, our friends and supporters, a very Happy New Year.

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Gareth <>< Malou Bolton



Jan 4 Arrive in Antofagasta, Chile
Speak at morning devotions
Sun Jan 6 Onshore church
Sun Jan 13 Preach at LH morning service
Jan 25 Sail from Antofagasta
Jan 29 Arrive in Valparaiso, Chile


A colourful pastel mosaic of leaves in a wood near Sandbanks in Dorset

We returned late last night (Sat Dec 1) from Belgrade after another intensive fortnight of over 50 meetings/lectures, all delivered via Serbian interpretation. On December 11, we shall join MV Logos Hope in Guayaquil, Ecuador for 2 months. In addition to our usual ministry, we have been invited to be the ‘onboard pastors’, an important role and a humbling privilege. We plan to send you an end of the year retrospective from the ocean as we sail from Ecuador to Chile. Once again it is a joy to wish you, our friends and supporters, the blessings of joy and peace at Christmas.

Gareth and Malou Bolton



Sun Dec 2 Oak Hall Expeditions (Otford Manor) morning service:
Dec 4 Westminster Conference ( (GB)
Dec 4-8 Dorset with Mum Bolton:
Sun Dec 9 Darent Valley Community Church:
Dec 11 Fly to Logos Hope in Guayaquil, Ecuador:
(return Feb 14, 2019)


The inspiring sight we saw from our room of the Himalayas towering over Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital (Psalm 121:1-2)

Viewing the distant Himalayas at sunrise from our bed in Kathmandu last week was an inspiring way to start each day. With 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains found in Nepal, the nation is a magnet to mountaineers and travellers alike. Our times of teaching the Bible were greatly appreciated by the teams and very rewarding.

We recently welcomed some new AMEN partners. As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are looking for 25 people who can support £25 a month – could you be one of them? If so, visit

Thank you for your partnership with us,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)

Sun Nov 4 ChristChurch, Banstead (AM: Rom 3:1-8; PM: Rev. 17-19:10)
Nov 4-8 Dorset with Mum Bolton
Nov 10 Belgium Battle Fields with Oak Hall
Sun Nov 11 All Nations Church, Manor Park, E. London
Sat Nov 17 Fly (via Oslo) to Belgrade, SERBIA
Sun Nov 18 International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade (“Cultural conformity and non-conformity” from book of Daniel)
Nov 19-28 Belgrade Bible School (HUB). Teaching 1 & 2 Kings & Ezekiel
Sun Nov 25 Church Ministry with HUB students
Nov 28 Bački Petrovac Baptist church meeting. Nov 29 – Bački Petrovac Baptist women’s meeting (Malou)




Watch a short video on GO EXTRA MILE 2018

During a break, we cycled around Bewl Water in Kent

In 10 days’ time, we leave for India and Nepal. Following an invitation, we have a number of engagements in India, including services in a church on Sunday and later with pastors and leaders. Malou will be involved in a ladies meeting. In Nepal, a programme has been arranged to speak over a number of days to the teams who are working there. Church services take place on Saturdays. As always, we are grateful for the prayers and interest of people; currently c. 2100 receive this email update and c.150 receive a version through the mail.

God bless you all,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)


Oct 3-10 Oak Hall in Montenegro (G & M)
Oct 12 Fly to Hyderabad, India
Sun Oct 14 Peniel Ministries, Hyderabad (4 meetings)
Oct 15 All day pastors’ meeting (Gareth); Women’s meeting (Malou) 7
Oct 17 All Nations Church, Hyderabad
Oct 19 Fly to Kathmandu, Nepal
Sat Oct 20 Nepali church meeting
Oct 22-24 Teaching the teams
Oct 25 Prayer and Fasting Day (Teaching)
Oct 26 Teaching the teams
Sat Oct 27 Nepali church meeting
Mon Oct 29 Fly to London


Dear Friends,

Basic infrastructure in Kerala, South India has been seriously damaged, including roads and bridges

the recent floods in Kerela, South India, have been the worst for a century. Many have lost their possessions and some have lost their lives. Our charity AMEN has partners and friends on the ground responding as I write but we have learned the need is very great, especially in the more remote interior. If you can help, simply click India Floods now. Thank you for your interest and support in the work. If you no longer wish to receive our updates, click reply and write ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line; we won’t be offended!

God bless you all,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)


Aug 27-Sept 5 Oak Hall in ITALY (
Sun Sept 9 Vine Evangelical Church, Sevenoaks (
Sept 9-12 Short break in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Sept 13-17 Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Télégraphe, Paris, FRANCE (
Sept 21-22 Al Maseerah training (Malou only)
Sun Sep 23 Cliffe Community Church, Cliffe, Kent
Sept 27 7.45am: Devotions at Pennywell Farm, South Hams, Devon ( Enjoy the Delightful Promo Video
Sun Sept 30 Hope Church, Swanley (

On the shores of Buttermere, the Lake District, Cumbria, UK

As I write, it is raining heavily outside as this is the rainy season in Ghana. We have just concluded a three day conference in Kumasi on ‘The Functional Church’ which raised the question as to why the church is not having a greater transformational impact in Africa today. I spoke on the subjects of integrity, discipleship and money. A number of the issues examined and discussed would equally apply to the church in every culture. Although the time in Ghana has been short, it has already been very worthwhile. Thanks again for your prayers and provision.

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)


Aug 1-3 Pastors’ Conference, Kumasi, GHANA
Aug 4 Pastors’ and leaders’ teaching day
Sun Aug 5 Speak in 2 churches in Kumasi
Aug 6 Fly from Ghana to UK
Aug 9-11 Outreach in Newquay with Open Air Mission
Sun Aug 12 Underwood Chapel, Plympton, Plymouth
Aug 12-15 Dorset with Mum Bolton
Aug 17-24 Oak Hall in MONTENEGRO
Sun Aug 26 West Kingsdown Baptist Church, Kent
Aug 27-Sept 5 Oak Hall in ITALY

An AMEN purchased three wheeler scooter for Mary, an effective disabled children’s worker in India

To the church, Jesus says, ‘You are the salt of the earth….You are the light of the world’. The perceived current disconnect between Christian faith and modern British culture conveniently ignores the pivotal part believers have played in the past. The list is extensive and includes everything from the introduction of hospitals, the modern hospice movement, the abolition of slavery, prison reform, the education system, care for orphans and the study of ‘Science’. Few realise that the social and spiritual importance of holidays for workers was introduced by a Baptist missionary born in Derbyshire in 1808 called Thomas Cook; even the origin of today’s Premier League football was birthed, in part, by the church. All of these are the result of believers, driven by their Christian faith, wanting to make a difference in society by being ‘salt and light’. I wonder what difference God will call you and I to make in the second half of 2018?

Gareth & Malou Bolton


Sun July 1 Westley Community Church, Bury St Edmunds
Sun July 8 AM: Heartbeat International Christian Centre, London PM:
PM: STEPS, Sherborne, Dorset (then with Mum Bolton)
Sun July 15 High Street Chapel, High Street, Hopton, Diss,
Sun July 22 Wall Heath Evangelical Church, Birmingham
July 23 OM ICT devotions, Carlisle
July 23-27 Keswick Convention, Cumbria (attending)
Sun July 29 Charlton Road Christian Church, Birmingham

Sabtang is an island in the far north of the Philippines that has no church. We want to send a church planter there

Greetings to the 2000+ who now receive this monthly update as well as the few hundred who get a snail mail version. In two hours, I (Gareth) leave for Harare and in a few days’ time, I will be 68 years old. Your encouragement and support, in some cases for about 45 years, is a real blessing.

May the Lord bless each of you,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)



June 1-10 Ministry in churches and OM’s ‘GO Challenge’ (Gareth only) in Harare, ZIMBABWE
June 2-9 Open Air Mission outreach in London (Malou only)
June 15-16 FFM Conference, High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts.
Sun June 17 Dartford Community Church, Kent (Father’s Day message at home church)
June 22-24 International Evangelical Church (IEC) annual summer retreat near Helsinki, FINLAND
June 25-28 Travel and visit friends in Finland

Our niece leading the singing of a religious Spanish song at the start of the annual Fiesta in her town on Batanes Island, the Philippines

Greetings from Batanes, the Philippine island where we are combining family time with ministry time. A few days ago, I shared my testimony with an attentive group of local 15 year old Ivatan teenagers who admitted they had never heard the gospel before. On Sunday, we share at two different evangelical churches on the island.
Some of the AMEN projects, blessed by God, have experienced incredible growth. For example, see what has happened with ‘Tender Heart’ from India, founded 10 years ago by Francis & Alison who met on OM’s ship MV Logos 2.

With our very best wishes to each of you, Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)

May 1-7 Batanes Island, PHILIPPINES
May 10-11 Abu Dhabi churches, UAE
May 14 CRIBS devotions, Bexley (
May 14-16 SELF Team Retreat, Otford Manor
May 18-20 Oak Hall Summer Team Weekend
Sun May 20 Christ Church, Haywards Heath, Mission Sunday (
Cannon Court EC, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey (
May 20-24 Dorset with Mum Bolton
May 26 AMEN Trustees Meeting, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire
Sun May 27 Cranleigh Community Church, Southbourne, Dorset (

AMEN’s first partner, VFC, continues to produce films that communicate the gospel to unreached people groups

During the first quarter of 2018, we had 100 meetings and slept in 20 beds in India, USA, South Africa, Serbia and the UK. Next month will include ministry visits to 4 countries in SE Asia (see below). The AMEN Trustees ( recently took the bold step of accepting a number of new partners even though there is no real increase in the numbers of supporters – a good moment to be reminded that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God’. Hebrews 11:6
To hear an Easter message (Mark 15:33-47) given on March 25, 2018. Click to listen.
We wish all our friends and supporters a very happy & blessed Easter.

Gareth & Malou Bolton

(with OM International)


Sun Apr 1 Scorrier CF, Redruth, Cornwall,
Sun Apr 8 Elmstead Lane Baptist Church, London
Apr 11 Fly to Penang, Malaysia
Apr 13-15 Air Itam Gospel Hall, Penang
Apr 16-19 Phnom Penh, OM Cambodia
Apr 19-23 Bandung, OM Indonesia
Apr 24-29 Ministry and family visits, Philippines
Sun Apr 29 Castillejos Christian Church, Zambales
Apr 30 – May 7 Batanes Island, Philippines