2016 April update

The puppets carried in our luggage from the UK proved to be a great success among the workers

While in India, in the early hours of March 29th sometime between 1.00-2.30am, thieves cut through the mosquito netting covering our bedroom window and then inserted a long stick through the external horizontal metal security bars. Hanging from the end of the stick were pieces of cloth doused in chloroform designed to render the inhabitants more comatose. They saw my laptop on a vacant bed underneath the window. They could not immediately reach it but by pulling the bed cover towards them managed to grasp it and slide it out between the narrow bars. I awoke after being bitten by mosquitos to discover the crime scene! After the Bible commentator Matthew Henry was robbed, he wrote: “Let me be thankful, first, because he never robbed me before; second, because although he took my purse, he did not take my life; third, because although he took all I possessed, it was not much; and fourth, because it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed”.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us – they are clearly vital!

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton



Sun Apr 3         AM: Lighthouse Church, Kandy, SRI LANKA
PM: Christian Fellowship Church, Colombo, SRI LANKA
Apr 5                  Fly to UK
Apr 9                 Cousin Andrew’s wedding in Aberystwyth, WALES
Sun Apr 10      11.00am & 6.00pm: Dunvant CF, Swansea
Apr 12              ‘The Mirror of Truth’ Islamic Debate, Newham, East London
Apr 13               ‘AMEN’ presentation, Dartford Community Church (Home church)
Apr 16               AMEN’s 20th anniversary celebration and meal, Wilmington CF, Kent
Sun Apr 17       AM: Cliffe Mission, Kent; PM: Oak Hall Church, Caterham, Surrey
Apr 23ff             ETHIOPIA Visit

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