2016 August update

2016 Aug Chameleon
Close up and personal with a chameleon in MADAGASCAR

Our 7+ week visit to three African countries – South Africa (with Logos Hope), Madagascar and Zimbabwe – is over. Speaking in around 60 meetings and often living with locals brought us closer to the spiritual warfare that is a daily part of their lives. We appreciated again the vital importance of prayer and were humbled by the zeal of those who often have little materially but much to teach spiritually. After ministering next Sunday August 7 at the church of some supporters, Gareth flies to Greece to speak for Oak Hall where the OM country leader will share in one of the meetings.

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

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Aug 4-7          Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Aug 7      Cranleigh Community Church, Bournemouth
Aug 8-17       Oak Hall in GREECE (Gareth only)
Aug 20-27     Oak Hall in AUSTRIA (Gareth only)
Sun Aug 28  AM: Brownhill Rd Baptist, Catford
PM: Oak Hall Church, Caterham
Aug 29           Wedding, Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich

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