2017 April update

Traditional Greek dish – Moussaka

‘Since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you’ (Colossians 1:9). It is verses like this that encourage us in the midst of a challenging and opportunity filled environment here in the teaming, sweltering city of Karachi, Pakistan’s most populated city. Although Christians are very much a minority community, we have already met those who are actively reaching out to the majority community, sometimes in the face of opposition and at personal risk. Thank you for remembering us and encouraging us.

Gareth and Malou Bolton (www.amentrust.co.uk)


Apr 1-5              Ministry with Nasir, OM Karachi, PAKISTAN
Apr 6-12            Ministry with Sharjeel, AOG Karachi
April 13             Fly Karachi to Lahore,
Apr 13-19          Ministry with Victor Lal, OM Leader, Lahore
Apr 19-21          Ministry visit with Edwin, AMEN partner in Jhelum
Apr 22               Fly from Islamabad via Dubai to Trivandrum, INDIA
Apr 22-23         Ministry visit with VFC, AMEN partner in Tamilnadu
Apr 24-25          Village Ministers’ Conference, Virudhanagar
Apr 26               Village Workers’ Orientation, Virudhanagar
Apr 28               Fly to UK from Trivandrum via Dubai


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