2018 November update

The inspiring sight we saw from our room of the Himalayas towering over Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital (Psalm 121:1-2)

Viewing the distant Himalayas at sunrise from our bed in Kathmandu last week was an inspiring way to start each day. With 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains found in Nepal, the nation is a magnet to mountaineers and travellers alike. Our times of teaching the Bible were greatly appreciated by the teams and very rewarding.

We recently welcomed some new AMEN partners. As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are looking for 25 people who can support £25 a month – could you be one of them? If so, visit www.amentrust.co.uk

Thank you for your partnership with us,

Gareth & Malou Bolton (with OM International)

Sun Nov 4 ChristChurch, Banstead (AM: Rom 3:1-8; PM: Rev. 17-19:10)
Nov 4-8 Dorset with Mum Bolton
Nov 10 Belgium Battle Fields with Oak Hall
Sun Nov 11 All Nations Church, Manor Park, E. London
Sat Nov 17 Fly (via Oslo) to Belgrade, SERBIA
Sun Nov 18 International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade (“Cultural conformity and non-conformity” from book of Daniel)
Nov 19-28 Belgrade Bible School (HUB). Teaching 1 & 2 Kings & Ezekiel
Sun Nov 25 Church Ministry with HUB students
Nov 28 Bački Petrovac Baptist church meeting. Nov 29 – Bački Petrovac Baptist women’s meeting (Malou)




Watch a short video on GO EXTRA MILE 2018

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