Gareth and Malou’s update: February 2024

The rainbow is God’s covenant sign between him and all life on earth (Genesis 9:12-17). Photo taken from Mum’s back garden in Dorset.

‘Unfortunately, the hot water system in the restaurant car has broken so we are unable to serve any hot drinks’. On a long train journey, that was not the news we wanted to hear. I waited a couple of hours and then decided to see if it was still broken. The lady behind the counter confirmed it was out of action saying, ‘it has died’. I asked if there was any possible hope of a resurrection! She laughed and said ‘no’. I said, ‘a resurrection can happen even three days’ later. Jesus’ death and resurrection changed my life when I was 18, 56 years ago!’ ‘You certainly look good on it’, she replied. ‘That’s kind of you to say so but while we all look at the outside, God looks at the heart’. ‘That’s true’ she said. ‘My friends are always going on about image. I get a bit tired of it.’ On returning to my seat, Malou gave me a John’s gospel she had. On going back to the lady in the dining car, I said ‘reading this changed my life when I was 18’. She was thankful and started reading it immediately, promising she would read it all. Was that one reason why the hot water system ‘died’ that morning?

Feb 1 Daphne Peck’s funeral in Spalding Baptist Church
Sun Feb 4 9.45am & 6.30pm (missions) at Central Evangelical Church, Kilmarnock, Scotland
Sun Feb 11 Christian Believers’ Fellowship in Watford (South Asian background)
Feb 11-17 Dorset
Sun Feb 18 Christian Believers’ Fellowship in Coventry (South Asian background)
Feb 23-Apr 10 MV Logos Hope, South Africa .
(Until Mar 19) Gqeberha, formerly ‘Port Elizabeth’