2017 November update

At Wentworth Primary School in Dartford, Betty taught Gareth when he was aged 6 and Gareth taught Clyde when he was aged 9

After 50 lectures and meetings over 8 days with Belgrade Bible School in Serbia teaching Ezekiel and 1 & 2 Kings, we are looking forward to a slower schedule as we head to the south of the country to speak in two Roma churches. En route back to London next week, we will visit the International Museum of the Reformation in Geneva. The remainder of the month will be spent in the Philippines where, with other Filipinos, we will focus mainly on pastors’ and leaders’ team building and training on Batanes, Malou’s birth island, in the north of the country. Again, thanks for your partnership, interest, prayers and support,

Gareth and Malou Bolton


Nov 2-4 Ministering in the south of SERBIA 
Sun Nov 5 International Christian Fellowship, Belgrade
Nov 6 Fly Belgrade to Geneva, SWITZERLAND
Nov 9 Fly London to Manila, PHILIPPINES
Sun Nov 12 Brethren Baptist Church, Manila
Nov 12-19 Malou’s family & AMEN partners
Sun Nov 19 San Juan Gospel Chapel, Manila
Nov 20-Dec 4 Ministry and break on Batanes Island

“Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.” GEORGE MULLER

The current students with some of the staff at Belgrade Bible School (HUB), SERBIA
The view from the gates of Belgrade Bible School (HUB) in Serbia
Our good friend Prof. & Dr Reginald Prithiviraj of Tirunelveli, India, sadly died of pancreatic cancer on October 8. It was as a result of a conversation Gareth had with Reggie in 1995 that led to the establishment of AMEN (www.amentrust.co.uk). Through the media ministry ‘Verity Films & Communications’ (www.verityfilms.com) he set up with his wife Caroline, countless lives continue to be touched

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