2019 February update

Sunset in the Atacama, the world’s driest desert with Jon Helmsdal from the Faroes Islands, the Captain of MV Logos Hope

Feb 1-11 Logos Hope in Valparaiso, Chile (www.gbaships.org/en)

‘It is my chief duty every day to ensure that my soul is happy in God.’ George Müller (1805-1898). After collecting quotations* for almost 40 years amounting to over 38,000 words and 147 pages, this is still one of the most challenging of them all. I am writing this update from our cabin 744 having recently completed a 3 day voyage with OM’s ship Logos Hope travelling south in the Pacific Ocean along the west coast of Chile from Antofagasta to Valparaiso. It has been a privilege to minister onboard and onshore including having the role of chaplains.

May God bless you all,

Gareth <>< Malou Bolton



Feb 14 Arrive in UK

Feb 16 Couples Dinner Fellowship, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Westminster, London (www.emmanuelchurch.org.uk)

Sun Feb 17 Ryde Baptist Church, Isle of Wight (https://rydebaptist.org.uk)

Feb 19-23 Dorset

Sun Feb 24 Ichthus Christian Fellowship, Belvedere, London (www.ichthus.org.uk/congregations/belvedere)

  • If you would like a copy of the indexed quotation book ‘Trawled Treasure’, click the reply button above, delete all the photographs, write ‘TT’ in the subject box and hit ‘send’.
La Portada is a specially protected unique rock formation in the sea off the coast of Antofagasta in Chile
Children from the Logos Hope school watch the arrival of the ship into another port
Our comfortable cabin no 744, complete with portholes, plus one of Malou’s friends waiting on the couch to ‘sing’ in the church later

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