2019 March update

The wonderful pastor’s family with whom we stayed in Santiago, the capital of Chile, after we left Logos Hope and before flying to the UK

‘I am not afraid of failure; I am afraid of succeeding in things that don’t matter’. William Carey (1761-1834)

The end of the coming month will see us ministering for the first time in Papua New Guinea (PNG). A visit has been on the radar for many years. Pray for those involved in lining up our programme that we might maximise the 10 days we spend there. Before that, we return to Serbia where, as well as ministering at the International Christian Fellowship from the book of Isaiah, Gareth will be teaching 2 Samuel, Obadiah and the Song of Solomon. We are very grateful to each of you whether you are moral, practical, prayer or financial supporters.
God bless you all,
Gareth <>< Malou Bolton
( www.amentrust.co.uk)

Sun Mar 3 11.00am: Brewham Chapel, Somerset
Mar 9 Fly London to Belgrade
Sun Mar 10 ICF, Belgrade, SERBIA
Mar 11-17 Belgrade Bible Sch. (HUB)
Mar 18 Fly Belgrade to London
Mar 20 Fly London to Manila, PHILIPPINES
Mar 22 Fly Manila to Port Moresby, PNG (until Apr 3)

Malou teaching a young brother and sister in a pastor’s home in Chile how to use ‘Evangecube’.

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