2019 May update

All the pupils of the school on Fisherman’s Island assembled under some trees to see a drama, sing some songs and to hear a message from the Bible

Greetings from Dubai which we leave in a few hours’ time for India, the 4th and final country of our 7 week ministry tour. We already have a kaleidoscope of memories and feel great gratitude to God for good health and safety plus many excellent opportunities for ministry, whether ‘one on one’ or corporately. Every taxi we rode in the Philippines provided a chance to share the gospel as well to often pray for the driver and leave literature. Similarly, our visit to Sabtang, the remote, unreached island with only a handful of believers, gave rise to some unexpected spiritual conversations. Gareth was usually the silent praying spectator as Malou engaged people in her own local dialect of ‘Ivatan’. Thank you for your interest and encouragement.

In His Grace,

Gareth & Malou Bolton



May 1-8 AMEN visit to south India: youth camp, couples’ camp and workers’ retreat
May 9 Fly from Dubai to London (arrive May 10)
Sun May 12 10.30am: Vine Evangelical Church, Sevenoaks
Sat May 18 Melbury Men’s Breakfast, George Albert Hotel, Evershot, Dorset.
May 17-19 Oak Hall Summer Team weekend
May 21-23 Prayer Conference at Oak Hall with George Verwer
Sun May 26 10.30am: Brownhill Road Baptist Church, Catford, London
6.30pm: Cannon Court Evangelical Church, Fetcham, Surrey

Another spectacular sunset in the port of Basco Batanes


This warning sign at the airport in Batanes was needed as we experienced two earthquakes during our visit – one in Batanes and one in Manila


Lucille, a disabled young lady of 27 with a sad history, listened carefully as Malou shared the gospel to her on the island of Sabtang


Our two tricycle taxi drivers who took us around the island of Sabtang also listened to the gospel


Our first close up view of Fisherman’s Island which is located off the coast of Papua New Guinea and only reached by boat from the capital Port Moresby


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