2020 April update

COVID 19 emergency help for those in lockdown


Two messages we received recently:

 ‘Due to the total lockdown, many people who do not have access to money and food are starving in the streets and in their huts, not knowing what to do. As preachers of the Gospel, we need to show them the love of Christ by helping them by giving them food 3 times a day’.  AMEN partner in S Asia

‘Can I ask a little help from you for the poor members in our church? It’s a very difficult situation we have in the island, thank you’.  Pastor’s wife on an island in SE Asia

I am writing this from our UK home in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Malou and I currently face the challenge that our gas has been turned off following the discovery of a leak so, for the time being, we have no central heating or hot water. However, the reality is that in most of the world today, to have your own personal gas supply would be seen as a considerable luxury. Many of our AMEN partners are working with those who are at the lower end of society where safe sanitation, access to pure drinking water, having a balanced diet and many of the other necessities we take for granted are considered real luxuries. The pandemic has just compounded their problems and hits them much harder than it hits most of us.

Our international partners working on the ground are telling us they want to reach out and help those around them who they can see are struggIing. I make no excuse for asking you to please send in a gift now before you put this newsletter down. We have people on the ground ready to move into action. Remember a little goes a long way in the developlng world and it will be given in the name of Jesus and because of His love.

Visit www.amentrust.co.uk and read how you can help.

Thank you so much.

God bless you as you bless others.

Gareth & Malou Bolton