2020 May update

Prioritising the elderly and infirm is important in every country including here in Romania

Dear friends,
What can I say about your response to the AMEN Covid-19 appeal? Listen to some of our partners:
• We will focus on poor families, elderly and widows.
• I have already sent money to 3 shops to buy rations for over 100 families; pray that we get the needed groceries.
• At the moment there is great hunger, no work and no one to help. Pastor M says they can feel the great hardship our brothers and sisters in the Lord are going through.
• Over 1400 families received groceries sets and over 220 pastors have been helped with groceries.
• Thank you for standing with us. I will keep updating you so that you pray.
• At present we can help another 250 families and we soon run out.
• Need was such we could not hold back and say no to poor families.
• We just want to thank AMEN for making this distribution possible. The local people were from different castes and religion.
Your response has been incredible. On three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe, we have distributed food to thousands of people using the donations you sent in. A typical food package in S. Asia contains 5 kg rice, 1 kg sugar, 1 litre oil, 1 kg dal, 1 kg chapati powder and tea. This costs £8 and lasts one family about one week. But the truth is…….this is an ongoing crisis and our partners are asking us if we can help them do more. The reality, at the moment, is that malnutrition and hunger are greater enemies than Coronavirus. One wrote, ‘If more donations come, it will be really good, especially during the monsoon. We will be very selective and accountable to whom we will give’. As the apostle Paul wrote, “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor” (Galatians 2:10) Visit: www.amentrust.co.uk

We have had opportunities to expound the Bible in churches, to share at devotions, to speak on a variety of subjects including mission…..all without leaving our home. While this lockdown lasts, we will continue to be available to minister remotely to those who ask.

A long queue waiting patiently for the start of food distribution in the Philippines
Unfortunately, people are sometimes having to be turned away once stocks are exhausted
Only those who have been registered are allowed to collect their food parcels
To maintain order and to properly manage crowds, a list of recipients is vital before distribution begins
A partner in India uses his school bus to help transport bulk food
Transporting items by van from shops and centres before sorting and distribution
The long task of sorting items in a church in the Philippines before repacking them into parcels
Unpacking different boxed items and then repacking into individual parcels in South India
The start of food parcel distribution in a village in Nigeria