July 2013 update

GREENLAND has a number of unique features. It is the world’s largest island yet has the lowest population density of any country*. Sadly, while there are many church buildings, real commitment to Christ is scarce with some serious moral problems within the culture. We shall take a four hour voyage from the capital Nuuk before arriving at an isolated place where, through translation, we will minister to the indigenous Inuits at two church camps. After a short break in ICELAND to celebrate our birthdays and wedding anniversary, we will minister in the FAEROES.

May God bless and refresh you this summer,

Gareth and Malou

(*Operation World, 21st Century Edition)

Sun July 7   Church of Good Shepherd, Lymington Bottom, Four Marks, Alton (3 meetings)
July 11         Fly to GREENLAND via ICELAND for two one week camps + church meetings
July 29         Fly from GREENLAND to ICELAND  for a short break
Aug 2nd       Fly from  ICELAND to the FAEROES for a weekend of ministry
Aug 5th        Fly from the FAEROES to UK


Preaching & sharing in Leicester Square, London

London 141










Parents baptising their son at church retreat in Finland













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