August 2013 update

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Glaciers in the arctic circle

While Greenland is considered to be a European country dependent upon Denmark, it is also designated as part of the North American continent; surprisingly, Greenlanders look more Asian than Western. Originally called Eskimos, modernity has not been a universally positive experience. While the closure and break up of native settlements has undoubtedly had some positive benefits, it has powerfully impacted a culture that has its own unique history, with many painful wounds appearing that need healing. Although almost 97% consider themselves Lutherans, knowledge of Biblical Christianity is almost non-existent, as we discovered at the camps in which we ministered. Since a harvest can only be reaped where the seed has first been sown, it is very clear that Greenland remains an unevangelised, pioneer mission field.

Later this month, Gareth will be speaking daily at a pastor’s conference in Kumasi, Ghana, as well as in a number of different churches.

May God bless you and also make you a blessing this month,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton



August 2-5  Faeroes weekend ministry
August 7-11  Dorset with Mum Bolton
August 11  STEPS Community Church, Dorset
August 12-21  Oakhall in Blackforest, GERMANY
August 23-Sept 3  GHANA OM ministry (Gareth only)


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Photos taken in Nuuk and the camp
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