August 2015 update

Francis & Aldrin
Francis and Aldrin on Logos Hope. Malou shared the gospel with them

Not only does almost everyone in the Philippines speak English but most also have a basic grounding in Christianity. It continues to be one of the most responsive countries to the gospel in the world – every taxi driver we have met has been open to talk and receive literature. Given this atmosphere, one also finds many in the church with a growing desire to engage in overseas mission. Of the estimated 3000 who leave the nation every day as OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers), about 300 (10%) are committed Christians and thus constitute a potentially significant mission force operating in other cultures, some of which are far from sympathetic to the faith.

We are grateful to God for the opportunities we have had here and thank you for the different part many of you play in prayer and support.

Gareth ><> Malou

Future Schedule

Sun Aug 2           Great Redeemer CF, Manila, PHILIPPINES
Aug 7-9               Air Itam Gospel Church, Penang, MALAYSIA
Aug 10                Fly to/arrive in UK

Aug 13-22          Oak Hall in SWITZERLAND (Gareth speaking, Malou cooking)

Sun Aug 23        Crayford Baptist church (am & pm)

Aug 24-Sep 2     Oak Hall in FRANCE (Gareth only)


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