July 2015 update

Greetings from Logos Hope in Subic Bay, Philippines. 11753281_892717060776679_6644474871730401305_n

While Gareth has just finished delivering a miniseries at morning devotions entitled ‘Unexpected Bessings from God’, Malou has been in Manila with her mother whose house is being renovated. However, Malou did manage to spend two evenings with a group of ladies who attend a local Bible study established by her mother where she was able to explain the gospel. Apparently, it was much appreciated. Gareth had 24 prospective preachers attend his on board workshop and as they now preach to an audience and to camera, he is starting the process of giving each individual feedback. Nationalities included Egyptian, Pakistani, Filipino, Mexican, Brazilian, South Korean, Papua New Guinean, Paraguayan, Singaporean + Europeans. Only one has English as a first language!
May the Lord bless you all, Gareth ><> Malou (www.garethandmalou.org & www.amentrust.co.uk)

FUTURE SCHEDULE (Meetings will be added from July 7)

July 3                 Next Steps (on board evangelistic)
July 4                 Pastors’ Meeting – ‘Unity’ message
Sun July 5         Castillejos Christian Church, Zambales
July 7                 Sail from Subic to San Fernando
Sun July 12      Preach in Church/18th  wedding anniversary
Sun July 19      Preach at Sunday Service on Logos Hope
July 20               Leave Logos Hope for Manila
July 21               Devotions at IGSL, Manila
Sun July 26       House of Grace Community Church (NFI), Manila
July 27-30         Visiting Malou’s sister and brother

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