December 2014 update

Two lone pipers on Remembrance Sunday on Mull
Two lone pipers on Remembrance Sunday on Mull

‘In the beginning God created’. Genesis 1:1
‘In the beginning was the Word’. John 1:1

The repetition, at the start of John’s gospel, of the first three words in the Bible, is not accidental. We must not miss the crucial connection, for here is revealed the eternity of Jesus, the Word. He did not come into existence at Christmas; in fact, He never came into existence since, like the Father, He always was, always is and always shall be. He did not have a beginning for before the beginning began, He eternally was! Also, like His Father, He created. ‘Through Him (sc. the Word, Jesus) all things were made’. John 1:3. Again, like Father, like Son! And the Spirit? He appears in the second verse of the Bible, ‘hovering over the waters’. As Heber wrote, ‘God in three persons, blessed Trinity!’
It is at Christmas that we recall Jesus came to earth as a baby, taking human form – He became flesh for us. But why? Because of His unfathomable love for us who had rebelled against a holy God. The incredible, costly, rescue plan of God’s love was unfolding. So let’s not forget Whom and what we are celebrating.

We wish you all a  Wonder-filled Christmas!

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


Dec 1 Fly to USA
Dec 2 OM lit team devotions, Florence, SC
Dec 4-8 Based in Liberty, SC
Sun Dec 7  AM: Clemson Presbyterian
                     PM: Young Memorial ARP Church, Anderson  
Dec 9  Fly to Chicago
Dec 10-12  Church, school and youth meetings
Dec 13  World Relief reunion (Malou) Oak Lawn, Chicago
Sun Dec 14  AM: Community Presbyterian Church & adult SS, Lombard
                      PM: Romanian church                                                                                                                  
Mon Dec 15 Fly from Chicago to London
Sun Dec 21 Cliffe Mission Carol Service (evangelistic)
Dec 22-27 Dorset with Gareth’s Mum and family
Sun Dec 28 Crayford Baptist Church, Crayford