January 2015 update

Mum Bolton at Christmas with ‘Mr Jingle’

Dear Friends,

We look back at 2014 with gratitude for safety, health and provision, not forgetting daily strength and forgiveness.
We look forward to 2015 with anticipation. I must confess that organising a year’s schedule is not one of my favourite tasks and would appreciate wisdom as to what and what not to arrange when! Amongst the plans for 2015 are return visits to N and S America, S and SE Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Thank you for standing with us through prayer and support, in some cases for more than 40 years. I hope we can meet up with more of you in churches and homes in the next 12 months. As we enter 2015, may we remember that in Christ, God has prepared good works in advance for us to do (Ephesian 2:10)

Your friends in the Lord Jesus,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

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Flights: 55
Meetings: 250+
Beds: 53
Countries: Sri Lanka, Chile, Malaysia, Philippines, India (2), Switzerland, Wales, Spain, Denmark, Greenland, S Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Scotland, USA & England!
Addresses receiving this email/letter: 2000 (approx.)

JANUARY Schedule
Jan 1  Fly to Manila, PHILIPPINES (via Beijing). We will be speaking in churches, with OM and Logos Hope team(s), meeting AMEN partners, visiting relatives and writing, etc.
Feb 2  Fly to London, UK (via Beijing)