February 2015 update

2015 2  e
Gareth and nephew LJ in the Ilocus countryside, Philippines

Greetings from 36,000′ above Mongolia where we are en route from Manila to the UK. Our month in the Philippines was a great mixture of ministry, visiting family and AMEN partners plus a little R & R. Among the many highlights was the meeting at Bethel Bible College (AOG), at the end of which over twenty of the students came forward to dedicate their lives to world missions. The college has a good track record in cross cultural ministry (a former member is on our team in London) and the principal later texted us to say how encouraged he was. During the many taxi journeys we took, Malou shared the gospel in Tagalog with every driver, leaving them each with some literature. One, who told us he was a believer, even reduced our fare!

Thanks for being our friends and travelling with us in your thoughts and prayers,

Gareth ><> Malou



Sun Feb 8         Oak Hall Church (am & pm)
Feb 8-11            Dorset
Feb 13-21          Oak Hall Skiing in Switzerland (Gareth speaking, Malou cooking)
Sun Feb 22       Wilmington Christian Fellowship, Kent
Feb 23-Mar 7     Belgrade Bible School, SERBIA (teaching a missions module)