October 2015 update

Oct2015 4
Two morning radio interviews broadcast across Miami

What is Christianity?







Driving almost 3000 miles, we visited some very diverse Christian communities in the north, mid-west and SE corner of the USA. Now in South America, I am writing this on a typical humid day in Cartagena, Colombia. It has been your support and encouragement that has helped us continue to press on serving the Lord – we are so grateful to Him and to you.

Gareth ><> Malou (www.amentrust.co.uk)


Oct 2-9             Meetings (including pastoral couples and leaders) in Arjona, COLOMBIA
Oct 10              Married couples seminar
Sun Oct 11       Two meetings at Foursquare Christian Church, Cartagena, COLOMBIA
Oct 12-14         ‘Introduction to Christian Ethics’ at Foursquare Mission Bible School, Cartagena, COLOMBIA
Sun Oct 18       Sunday service then fly to Miami, USA
Oct 20               Arrive LHR
Oct 24-31         Oak Hall in SPAIN (Gareth only) www.oakhall.co.uk/summer/spanishmedhotel
Sun Nov 1        AM: Dartford Community Church (NFI – Home church) ENGLAND www.dartfordcommunitychurch.com

PM: Oakhall Church, Caterham ENGLAND(Col 2:8-15) www.oakhallchurch.org.uk 

Testimony: Your message about ‘suffering’ at devotions on Monday (see last photo below) was the preparation for what happened next. Two days later, the company was downsized and sadly six people lost their jobs. However, they were encouraging one another by saying, “remember the message – we are going through the valley of the shadow, this will pass”. Miami, USA


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