2020 June update

June 2nd, 2020 – 70 days of lockdown; 70 years of age

Today, June 2, 2020, is approximately the 70th day of lockdown in the UK; it is also my 70th birthday! Some may find that hard to believe and I am also left wondering how I got to be this old, this quickly, but because of the lockdown, opportunities to celebrate are somewhat restricted. Meeting up with friends and going out for a meal with Malou are nonstarters. However, I am pleased to say there is still a way to make this a memorable and meaningful occasion. The AMEN charity is expanding and this would be the perfect time and the perfect excuse to help an increasing number of deserving people. AMEN is involved in feeding the hungry, training pastors and workers, educating the marginalised, supporting Christian media productions, reaching the unreached and serving holistically, etc – everything from dental care to agriculture. Each gift will be shared amongst this great diversity of ministries. Visit www.amentrust.co.uk to discover the different ways to give and when you are required to state what it is for, write ‘Gareth’s Birthday’. This will make a big difference on my big birthday and will ensure that for me and many others, it is a very special and a very ‘Happy Birthday’. Thank you so much.

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