2020 December Retrospective


A three-page illustrated overview of 2020 is attached, featuring one highlight per month. (Click the above link)


2020 Statistics

Beds slept in: 14 (42 in 2019)
Sermons/lectures given: 140 (242 in 2019)
Flights taken: 17 (46 in 2019)
Countries (physically) visited: 7 England, Aruba, Wales, Malaysia, India, Serbia, UAE (17 in 2019)
All time total number of nations visited = 134


What a year……and it wasn’t all low lights! Although we spent more time in our flat than in our previous 23 years of marriage, ‘Zoom’ gave us the opportunity to speak to 50 pastors in India, deliver 4 messages at a mission conference in the Philippines, preach at a church in Panama as well as various UK churches. A Facebook video and an email resulted in tens of thousands of £s being sent via AMEN (www.amentrust.co.uk) for those in severe difficulties in developing countries due to local lockdowns. For them potential starvation was a greater threat than the pandemic.
Our truck with 2000+ AMEN shoeboxes together with various urgently needed supplies beat the Channel blockade and arrived safely in Romania before Christmas. Every Sunday, at 1pm UK time, Gareth has been teaching a group of friends from around the world. We are currently studying a History of Christian Missions: Boniface: Apostle and shrine smasher (History of Missions 9)

We thank God for unexpected open doors and wait to see what 2021 will bring – ‘Our eyes look to the Lord our God’. Psalm 123:2

We wish you all a joyful and peaceful New Year.

Gareth <>< Malou

(currently in Dorset with Mum Bolton)