Occasional Update: No 4 March 2021

We are still at Gareth’s mum’s house in Dorset where we have been since Dec 2. A short visit has become a lengthy one, although Mrs Bolton senior is not complaining…yet! Ministry preparation and its delivery have continued plus regular Sunday Zoom teaching sessions including a History of Christian Missions (*see below). While we have been blessed with good health and beautiful countryside, we know that is not the case for everyone.

We regularly receive reports from AMEN partners (www.amentrust.co.uk) who have continued their great work, despite some restrictions. May the Lord bless and encourage you all,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


Sun Feb 21 10.30am: Darenth Valley Community Church (DVCC)
1pm: History of Christian Missions Part 17 (David Brainerd)
Feb 25 8pm: ‘God’s Unstoppable Gospel’ Missions Eve, Christ Church, Banstead
Sun Feb 28 1pm: History of Christian Missions Part 18
Mar 1-4 HUB, Belgrade, SERBIA (Song of Solomon and Obadiah)
Sun Mar 7 1pm: History of Christian Missions Part 19
Mar 18 8pm: Dartford Community Church Prayer Meeting
Sun Mar 21 10am: Wilmington Community Church (John 9:1-16 “as long as it is day….”)
Mar 22 Hospices of Hope Devotions, Otford
(All meetings are via Zoom, FB or recording unless otherwise stated or things change)

* The Unforgettable Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (History of Christian Missions – Part 16)

‘Ecce Homo’ meaning ‘This is the man’ (John 19:5) painted by Domenico Feti (c. 1610)
The Latin says, ‘All this I have done for you; what have you done for me?
This greatly impacted *Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf who birthed the Moravian movement

Naphtali, AMEN partner and founder of Mission Field House in Nigeria committed to evangelism, church planting and discipleship


Filipino boys’ Bible study and discipleship group with Grace International Ministries, Batanes, an AMEN partner

Mum Bolton, Malou and Gareth

The south west English countryside at its best and most inviting