Occasional Update No. 9 September 2021

Although we wondered how the summer would turn out, we had some great ministry opportunities in churches, camps and the open air. As the final photo below states, 50 years ago saw the start of Gareth’s teaching career at his former primary school just along the road from where he lived. It lasted for 22 years and proved to be a significant time for him and some of the pupils, mainly as a result of the weekly after school Christian Adventurers’ Club. Meanwhile, we continue to wait for international travel to reopen, particularly to Asia and Africa. Thank you for being our friends and supporters.

God bless you all,
Gareth & Malou Bolton

Sun Sept 5 11.20am: Zion Church, Basingstoke (online)
Sept 7 Funeral of Gareth’s grandmother’s sister’s daughter
Sept 10-12 Weekend ministry at Oak Hall, Otford, Kent (www.oakhall.co.uk)
Sept 12-23 Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Sept 26 10.30am: High Street Chapel, Hopton, Diss, Norfolk (www.highstreetchapel.org.uk)
Sept 24-30 Ministry with OAM in East Anglia (www.oamission.com)