Eggon hills, Nigeria

Eggon hills, Nigeria

We spent November in INDIA and NIGERIA where we visited and ministered with two AMEN partner projects in each country. The global south (sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America) is now numerically the largest part of the Christian world. Evidence for this could be seen in the hundreds in India and thousands in Nigeria who attended some of the meetings. December and early January will see us on board Logos Hope in UAE and SRI LANKA.

As we remember the One ‘who took the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness’ (Phil 2:7), we wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


Dec 5-9            MV Logos Hope in Ras al Khaimah, UAE
Dec 9-23          MV Logos Hope at sea
Dec 23-Jan 6   MV Logos Hope in Galle, SRI LANKA
Tue Jan 7         Fly back to UK

Watch our NIGERIA visit video:(5:55 minutes) and (1:11 minutes)


Nov 2013 P2b

Believers unite in prayer in Italy

Having spoken and taught in ITALY and     SERBIA during October, November will see us visiting and ministering with four AMEN partner projects, two in INDIA and two in NIGERIA. Prayers that we glorify God and stay healthy and safe are greatly appreciated. Thanks for being there

for us at such a time as this.

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”



Nov 1-12    INDIA (Verity Films and Communications in Tirunelveli and Village Missionary Movement in Virudhunagar)

AMEN India visit

Fri Nov 1: Depart London Gatwick at 9.45am with Emirates airline.

Sat Nov 2: Arrive Trivandrum, India at 9.35am. Driven by car to Tirunelveli (c. 3-4 hours)

Sun Nov 3: One day conference for international students from Holy Trinity Cathedral

Mon Nov 4: Filming apologetic DVD on ‘suffering’ for African students

Tue Nov 5: Leave 7.00am for VMM HQ. Three teaching sessions with 60 full time workers

Wed Nov 6: Three teaching sessions with 60 full time workers

Thu Nov 7: Two teaching sessions with 60 full time workers

Fri Nov 8: Rest day with outing arranged

Sat Nov 9: Youth meeting in Sivakasi

Sun Nov 10: Teaching session for lay missionaries

Mon Nov 11: Two morning sessions for Tholamai missionaries. Drive to Trivandrum airport

Tue Nov 12: Depart Trivandrum at 0430; arrive London Gatwick at 11:55am


AMEN Nigeria visit

Fri Nov 15: Depart London Heathrow at 10.40pm with British Airways

Sat Nov 16: Arrive Abuja, Nigeria at 5.50am. Drive 4 hours to Jos

Sun Nov 17: Preach in a local church with Grace and Light International

Nov 18-19: Visit the ministry, meet key folk, view the property, etc.

Wed Nov 20: Travel to Nasarawa Eggon and climb a mountain for 2-3 hours! Evening meeting.

Nov 20-23: Minister on the mountain to c. 3000 at the conference, ‘Gateway to all nations’

Sun Nov 24: Descend the mountain and drive to Abuja for overnight stay

Mon Nov 25 Depart Abuja at 9.00am; arrive in London Heathrow at 2.35pm

(Malou and I will travel to and from Nigeria with Trish Chatfield, the AMEN Trustee overseeing our partnerships and ministries in Africa)


Nov 2013 P4

An AMEN project in the Philippines

Nov 2013 P3

Malou, Sara and Sladjan (Director of HUB, Belgrade Bible School, SERBIA)

Nov 2013 P1

Part of the leadership at an Italian church day away in the hills

Oct 2013 c1

Holiday in Llanelli, WALES

I am writing this during our return flight from Scotland to London. Although the numbers attending the ‘Keswick in the Borders’ were less than expected, the convention seemed to be a great success with many books distributed, many friends made and many appreciative comments received.

In a few days’ time we leave for our sixth annual visit to ITALY. It is an excellent opportunity to expound the Bible and to encourage the church with information about what God is doing around the world.

Finally, after much searching and negotiating, AMEN has at last purchased a piece of land for ‘Tender Heart’ in Goa, INDIA, on which the Hope Centre will be built. Visit for more stories around the world


Oct 4-15    Ministry in ITALY
Sun Oct 20    Brewham Chapel, Dorset
Oct 23-30    HUB, SERBIA (teaching 1 & 2 Kings at Belgrade Bible School)

Thanks for being our friends and supporters,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

Oct 2013 c4

Holiday with Mum Bolton in Wales

Oct 2013 c5

The OM team at “Kesick in the borders”

Oct 2013 c3

Gareth preaching at the Keswick convention

Oct 2013 c2

Gareth preaching in St Boswell’s church,  SCOTLAND




























Sept 2013 P7

Some of the 150 pastors and leaders attending the ‘Transformation’ conference in Kumasi, Ghana

I am writing this 48 hours before flying back to the UK following an encouraging time with pastors and leaders here in Kumasi, Ghana. While some had travelled from neighbouring countries to be present, e.g. Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, many work in the more remote north of Ghana in impoverished, pioneer situations. The feedback has been positive and the conference clearly fulfils a need that many have for teaching and fellowship. At the end of the month, Gareth will be the speaker at a Bible conference in Scotland called ‘Keswick in the Borders’ and linked with Keswick Ministries. Do come and visit us if you are in the area. We shall be looking at the book of Jonah during the weekend – see the website below for more details.


Sun Sept 1  Church Meetings in Kumasi, GHANA
Sept 3  Arrive in UK
Sept 5-10  Holiday in WALES with Mum Bolton
Sun Sept 15  St John’s, Carlisle (Missions)
Mon Sept 16  ICT team Devotions (Eph 1:11-14)
Sun Sept 22  Heartbeat International Church, Camberwell, London
Sept 27-29  Keswick in the Borders, SCOTLAND
Sun Sept 29  St John’s in Gala, Galashiels (pm)
May God bless you,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton

Sept 2013 P1

Conference poster in Ghana








Sept 2013 P2

Chris Insaidoo, OM Ghana Director

Sept 2013 P6

Colourful markets

Sept 2013 P5

Collecting wood for cooking

Sept 2013 P4

Preparing fufu, one of the Ghanaian favorites






God's amazing creation resized

Glaciers in the arctic circle

While Greenland is considered to be a European country dependent upon Denmark, it is also designated as part of the North American continent; surprisingly, Greenlanders look more Asian than Western. Originally called Eskimos, modernity has not been a universally positive experience. While the closure and break up of native settlements has undoubtedly had some positive benefits, it has powerfully impacted a culture that has its own unique history, with many painful wounds appearing that need healing. Although almost 97% consider themselves Lutherans, knowledge of Biblical Christianity is almost non-existent, as we discovered at the camps in which we ministered. Since a harvest can only be reaped where the seed has first been sown, it is very clear that Greenland remains an unevangelised, pioneer mission field.

Later this month, Gareth will be speaking daily at a pastor’s conference in Kumasi, Ghana, as well as in a number of different churches.

May God bless you and also make you a blessing this month,

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton



August 2-5  Faeroes weekend ministry
August 7-11  Dorset with Mum Bolton
August 11  STEPS Community Church, Dorset
August 12-21  Oakhall in Blackforest, GERMANY
August 23-Sept 3  GHANA OM ministry (Gareth only)


Greenland Aug 2013 a

Photos taken in Nuuk and the camp
Click to zoom in


We are grateful for the friendship and support we receive from friends and we value your prayers. This website gives you some background about us, our personal testimonies, a summary of what has been happening recently plus where we hope to go in the future. AND there’s more, have a look at what our charity AMEN is doing and how God is using our partners in wonderful ways.

GREENLAND has a number of unique features. It is the world’s largest island yet has the lowest population density of any country*. Sadly, while there are many church buildings, real commitment to Christ is scarce with some serious moral problems within the culture. We shall take a four hour voyage from the capital Nuuk before arriving at an isolated place where, through translation, we will minister to the indigenous Inuits at two church camps. After a short break in ICELAND to celebrate our birthdays and wedding anniversary, we will minister in the FAEROES.

May God bless and refresh you this summer,

Gareth and Malou

(*Operation World, 21st Century Edition)

Sun July 7   Church of Good Shepherd, Lymington Bottom, Four Marks, Alton (3 meetings)
July 11         Fly to GREENLAND via ICELAND for two one week camps + church meetings
July 29         Fly from GREENLAND to ICELAND  for a short break
Aug 2nd       Fly from  ICELAND to the FAEROES for a weekend of ministry
Aug 5th        Fly from the FAEROES to UK


Preaching & sharing in Leicester Square, London

London 141










Parents baptising their son at church retreat in Finland













We are grateful for the friendship and support we receive from friends and we value your prayers. This website gives you some background about us, our personal testimonies, a summary of what has been happening recently plus where we hope to go in the future. AND there’s more, have a look at what our charity AMEN is doing and how God is using our partners in wonderful ways.

June 2013 P2Our three week visit to Brazil was significant. We repeatedly saw some in mission-minded churches openly take a step towards serving in cross-cultural ministry. Of every 100 Brazilians, at least 20 are Bible believing Christians whereas in Europe, less than 1 in every 100 individuals would be so described. With an improving economy, the potential in large and vibrant Brazilian churches is good news for future worldwide missions involvement; the reality is that it is already happening. Latin America is no longer considered primarily a region where we send missionaries but from where we send missionaries. We are so grateful to God for the many open doors and for your support which enables us to continue serving around the world.

May God bless and encourage you all,
Gareth and Malou Bolton