2016 February update

2016 FEB 4We recently arrived in the Philippines  where we have gone from experiencing -8° in Macedonia to +32° in Manila! We plan to visit and minister on 4 of the 7000 islands. As we approach the 20th anniversary of our charity AMEN , it was encouraging to visit Southville yesterday where funds have been given to enclose the gap between two houses to create a church building. The pastor, whose small house has been crowded each Sunday, is delighted. We also met with the community leader who was friendly & supportive. All this is being undertaken as a result of our long-term partnership with ‘Companion with the Poor’, an indigenous holistic Filipino organisation with 60 missionaries church planting amongst the urban poor.

We thank God for your friendship too.

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton


Feb 3-10            Island of Batanes visit/ministry
Feb 12-17          Island of Palawan ministry visit
Feb 19-22          Island of Cebu church weekend
Feb 25-26          Meetings in Abu Dhabi
Feb 27-Mar 1     Meeting + dentist, Dubai
Wed Mar 2         Fly from Abu Dhabi to UK

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2016 January update

2016 Jan3

Open Air Mission: preaching in Lincoln near the annual Christmas Market

I rarely recall hearing a talk about this guy and have only ever discovered one (rather obscure) song that includes him. He never appears in any nativity play and never features on any Christmas card. Yet what he had to say about Jesus was arguably more profound than anything the shepherds and the wise men had to say. Significantly, while the shepherds and wise men had to travel to find Jesus, Jesus travelled to where he was! For me he is the forgotten Christmas hero. His name is Simeon. He famously declared, ‘my eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared in the sight of all people’ (Luke 2:30-31). He realised the baby he held was the Saviour for the world. So the message is one of salvation that all need to hear. His simple mission statement still needs to be heard and followed today.

SCHEDULE for January 2016
Jan 1-4  Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Jan 3  STEPS Community Church, Sherborne, Dorset
Jan 9  AMEN Trustees Meeting, Yorkshire
Sun Jan 10  Elmstead Lane Baptist Church, Chislehurst, London
Mon Jan 11  Fly to Belgrade, SERBIA
Jan 12-21  Teaching a missions module (Gareth) and creative evangelism (Malou) at HUB.
Jan 26  Fly to UK
Jan 28  Fly to PHILIPPINES
Sun Jan 31  Diliman Bible Church, Manila (Missions Sunday)

Happy New Year.

Statistics for 2015: Beds 58; Meetings 290+; Flights 44; Countries 12: Colombia (123rd nation); France; India; Ireland; Malaysia; Philippines (x2); Romania; Serbia (x2); Spain; Switzerland (x3); UAE; USA (+UK

Gareth ><> Malou Bolton



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2015 December update

Jesus, God’s selfie (John 14:9)

In the Bible we read that Jesus said, ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’ (John14:9). Jesus is God’s Selfie! The verb ‘to see’ in the Bible is sometimes a metaphor for the verb ‘to meet’. May we ‘meet’ Jesus afresh this Christmas and realise that he is more than sufficient for the needs and situations we will face in the days ahead. We would value prayer as we continue planning the schedule of meetings and travel for 2016.
Gareth ><> Malou Bolton
                          SCHEDULE for December 2015
Dec 2 Walton Evangelical Church, Chesterfield (www.waltonchurch.org)
Dec 3-5  Open Air Mission, Lincoln (Preaching and tracting at the Christmas Market: www.oamission.com)
Sun Dec 6  The Lighthouse Church, Spalding (www.lighthousechurch.org.uk)
Dec 9-12  Dorset (with Mum Bolton)

Sun Dec 13  All Nations Church, Manor Park, East London

Dec 19-28  Oak Hall Skiing in SWITZERLAND (Malou cooking, Gareth speaking: www.oakhall.co.uk)

Dec 2015 Gypsy ch

It was a special opportunity to speak in the largest church in Serbia. This Roma church meets in a tent

Dec 2015 boltons

We wish all our friends and supporters the blessings that the birth of the Messiah brings

2015 Dec shoebox

Some of the many hundreds of AMEN shoe boxes collected around the UK and heading out to Romania

Dec 2015 HUB

A smaller but equally packed venue of young people from many churches who attended a meeting in HUB

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Nov 2015 update

October saw our first visit to Colombia, traveS America’s fourth largest country. We experienced first-hand some of the recent church growth after finding that two of the churches we ministered in were only a few months old. There was a vibrancy and serious interest in missions that was most encouraging. We saw again how Latin America has become one of the new heartlands of the church over the last 50 years.

Friends, thank you for enabling us to serve through your giving, praying and encouragement.

Gareth ><> Malou

Click for a short video of our Colombia visit


 Future Schedule
Nov 2-5        Dorset with Mum Bolton
Sun Nov 8   Good News Church, Nis, SERBIA (NFI)
Nov 9-23     HUB, Belgrade, SERBIA (Teaching 1 & 2 Kings & Ezekiel)
Nov 27-29   Oak Hall Winter Team Weekend

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October 2015 update

Oct2015 4

Two morning radio interviews broadcast across Miami

What is Christianity?







Driving almost 3000 miles, we visited some very diverse Christian communities in the north, mid-west and SE corner of the USA. Now in South America, I am writing this on a typical humid day in Cartagena, Colombia. It has been your support and encouragement that has helped us continue to press on serving the Lord – we are so grateful to Him and to you.

Gareth ><> Malou (www.amentrust.co.uk)


Oct 2-9             Meetings (including pastoral couples and leaders) in Arjona, COLOMBIA
Oct 10              Married couples seminar
Sun Oct 11       Two meetings at Foursquare Christian Church, Cartagena, COLOMBIA
Oct 12-14         ‘Introduction to Christian Ethics’ at Foursquare Mission Bible School, Cartagena, COLOMBIA
Sun Oct 18       Sunday service then fly to Miami, USA
Oct 20               Arrive LHR
Oct 24-31         Oak Hall in SPAIN (Gareth only) www.oakhall.co.uk/summer/spanishmedhotel
Sun Nov 1        AM: Dartford Community Church (NFI – Home church) ENGLAND www.dartfordcommunitychurch.com

PM: Oakhall Church, Caterham ENGLAND(Col 2:8-15) www.oakhallchurch.org.uk 

Testimony: Your message about ‘suffering’ at devotions on Monday (see last photo below) was the preparation for what happened next. Two days later, the company was downsized and sadly six people lost their jobs. However, they were encouraging one another by saying, “remember the message – we are going through the valley of the shadow, this will pass”. Miami, USA


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Sept 2015 update


I (Gareth) have just returned from ministering an encouraging cycling trip with Oak Hall in France. We thank God for a fruitful summer and now look forward to a busy autumn. We will spend about 2 weeks in the USA on a speaking tour of churches and at various other venues. Since we will also be driving, your prayers for safety, anointing and strength are greatly appreciated.

Gareth ><> Malou ( www.amentrust.co.uk)

Sept 3-9           Holiday in Republic of Ireland with mum and sister;
Sun Sept 6       Ministry at Bantry Christian Fellowship, Bantry, Cork

Thu Sept 10     Fly to Indianapolis, USA
Sun Sept 13     AM & PM, Prairie Baptist Church, Noblesville, IN,
Sept 15-17       Meetings in Kansas City (MO) and Chicago (IL) area
Sun Sept 20     True Life Bible Church, near Grand Rapids, MI,
Sept 21-25       Meetings with Arvid Westfall (Wycliffe missionary) near MSP, MN
Sept 25            Fly Minneapolis to Miami, FL
Sept 26/27      Miami meetings, FL
Mon Sept 28   Fly Miami to Cartagena, COLOMBIA
Sept 28ff         Bible school & church meetings in Cartagena, COLOMBIA

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August 2015 update

Francis & Aldrin

Francis and Aldrin on Logos Hope. Malou shared the gospel with them

Not only does almost everyone in the Philippines speak English but most also have a basic grounding in Christianity. It continues to be one of the most responsive countries to the gospel in the world – every taxi driver we have met has been open to talk and receive literature. Given this atmosphere, one also finds many in the church with a growing desire to engage in overseas mission. Of the estimated 3000 who leave the nation every day as OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers), about 300 (10%) are committed Christians and thus constitute a potentially significant mission force operating in other cultures, some of which are far from sympathetic to the faith.

We are grateful to God for the opportunities we have had here and thank you for the different part many of you play in prayer and support.

Gareth ><> Malou

Future Schedule

Sun Aug 2           Great Redeemer CF, Manila, PHILIPPINES
Aug 7-9               Air Itam Gospel Church, Penang, MALAYSIA
Aug 10                Fly to/arrive in UK

Aug 13-22          Oak Hall in SWITZERLAND (Gareth speaking, Malou cooking)

Sun Aug 23        Crayford Baptist church (am & pm)

Aug 24-Sep 2     Oak Hall in FRANCE (Gareth only)


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July 2015 update

Greetings from Logos Hope in Subic Bay, Philippines. 11753281_892717060776679_6644474871730401305_n

While Gareth has just finished delivering a miniseries at morning devotions entitled ‘Unexpected Bessings from God’, Malou has been in Manila with her mother whose house is being renovated. However, Malou did manage to spend two evenings with a group of ladies who attend a local Bible study established by her mother where she was able to explain the gospel. Apparently, it was much appreciated. Gareth had 24 prospective preachers attend his on board workshop and as they now preach to an audience and to camera, he is starting the process of giving each individual feedback. Nationalities included Egyptian, Pakistani, Filipino, Mexican, Brazilian, South Korean, Papua New Guinean, Paraguayan, Singaporean + Europeans. Only one has English as a first language!
May the Lord bless you all, Gareth ><> Malou (www.garethandmalou.org & www.amentrust.co.uk)

FUTURE SCHEDULE (Meetings will be added from July 7)

July 3                 Next Steps (on board evangelistic)
July 4                 Pastors’ Meeting – ‘Unity’ message
Sun July 5         Castillejos Christian Church, Zambales
July 7                 Sail from Subic to San Fernando
Sun July 12      Preach in Church/18th  wedding anniversary
Sun July 19      Preach at Sunday Service on Logos Hope
July 20               Leave Logos Hope for Manila
July 21               Devotions at IGSL, Manila
Sun July 26       House of Grace Community Church (NFI), Manila
July 27-30         Visiting Malou’s sister and brother

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June 2015 Update

sci 6

Gwennap Pit in Cornwall where John Wesley preached 18 times to many thousands

Last Sunday, before speaking to ‘Fusion’, a combined youth group in Cornwall, I was asked to choose what creature I would like to be. I immediately answered, ‘an ant’. This surprised  the interviewer who asked me why. At the start of the book of Proverbs, we are told to ‘consider her ways and be wise’ and at the end of the book, she is described as ‘exceedingly wise’. Additionally, Proverbs indicates that not only do ants seem to work well together but they also plan and organise carefully for the future. Since these qualities are admirable, I suggested they were worthy of imitation.

God bless you,

Gareth ><> Malou

( www.amentrust.co.uk)

Future Schedule

Sun Jun 07         Vine Evangelical Church, Sevenoaks
June 9-13           Open Air Mission in London
Sun Jun 14         New Farm Chapel, Alresford, Hants
June 16               OM SELF retreat, Oak Hall
June 18               Fly to Philippines to join MV Logos Hope


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May 2015 update

2015 May 5

With Tibi, another recruit from Romania heading to S Asia

Here in Romania, it is encouraging to find a growing interest in missions amongst Europe’s 4th largest and growing evangelical population. However, I will never forget the unique experience 25 years ago (see below), of preaching in this nation to hundreds who stood hearing the gospel in the open air months after the assassination of the dictator Ceausescu; the response to the gospel was quite overwhelming. If we are anywhere near you this month, do come and meet us. May the Lord bless you all.
Gareth ><> Malou


Psalm 75:7: “But it is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.”

Future Schedule

Apr 29-May 07    Ministering with OM ROMANIA
May 9                  AMEN Trustees, Yorkshire
Sun May 10        9.30am: St Peter’s, Shipley
5.30pm: Holme on Spalding Moor (evangelistic meeting)
May15-17            Oak Hall Summer Team Weekend
Sun May 17        10.30 & 6.30: Christ Church, Haywards Heath (World Mission Sunday)
May 22-29           Methodist Church Meetings + R&R, Scilly Isles
Sun May 31        10.00am: Scorrier CF, Redruth, Cornwall
6.30pm: Helston Baptist Church, Cornwall


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